Why working with us?

We are a leading global provider of electronics manufacturing services for the automotive industry.
Our products are found in the most prestigious car makers around
the world – get involved in their manufacturing too!
We recruit people that like to learn, improve and love challenges.


Production Operator

Clean and quiet environment

Your job with us will develop neither dust, sweat, nor blisters.

Regular pay rises

We assess your job and the market situation periodically.

Bonus system

Quality, attendance and efficiency bonuses are in your hands.

Currently, we want to reinforce these positions

Technical jobs and administration

International cooperation

You can work with colleagues
from various countries – some
will host you and some will
be hosted by you.

Informal environment

We prefer personal approach
– shaking hands means more
to us than a signed paper.


We follow our motto
“Flexible Expert” not
only at work.

Cosy atmosphere

Information exchange
over a tea in the morning,
volleyball match after work.

Currently, we want to reinforce these positions

No suitable vacancy for you?